Mis Listas de Música
      1. Out Go The Lights Album Transference

      2. Tweakers Album Transference

      3. Do You Album They Want My Soul

      4. Back To The Life Album Kill The Moonlight

      5. Inside Out Album They Want My Soul

      6. The Agony Of Laffitte Album A Series Of Sneaks

      7. Don't Let It Get You Down Album Kill The Moonlight

      8. Hot Thoughts Album Hot Thoughts

      9. Knock Knock Knock Album They Want My Soul

      10. Mean Mad Margaret Album Get Nice! (EP)

      11. Monkey Monkey Album Solarplexus

      12. Stay Don't Go Album Kill The Moonlight

      13. Primary Album Telephono

      14. Dracula's Cigarette Album Get Nice! (EP)

      15. So High Album Solarplexus

      16. Merchants Of Soul Album Gimme Fiction

      17. Take A Walk Album Girls Can Tell

      18. The Underdog Album Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga

      19. Chloroform Album A Series Of Sneaks

      20. I Just Don't Understand Album They Want My Soul

      21. Was It You Album Gimme Fiction

      22. Written In Reverse Album Transference

      23. Trouble Comes Running Album Transference

      24. Idiot Driver Album Telephono

      25. Vittorio E. Album Kill The Moonlight

      26. The Fitted Shirt Album Girls Can Tell

      27. My Little Japanese Cigarette Case Album Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga

      28. Rainy Taxi Album They Want My Soul

      29. Don't Buy The Realistic Album Telephono

      30. June's Foreign Spell Album A Series Of Sneaks

      31. Goodnight Laura Album Transference

      32. Me And The Bean Album Girls Can Tell

      33. Paper Tiger Album Kill The Moonlight

      34. Nobody Gets Me But You Album Transference

      35. That Jazz Album Solarplexus

      36. Rent I Pay Album They Want My Soul

      37. Curfew Tolls Album Get Nice! (EP)

      38. Black Like Me Album Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga

      39. 1975 Album Get Nice! (EP)

      40. Reservations Album A Series Of Sneaks

      41. Outlier Album They Want My Soul

      42. I Saw The Light Album Transference

      43. New York Kiss Album They Want My Soul

      44. I Summon You Album Get Nice! (EP)

      45. You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb Album Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga

      46. Jonathon Fisk Album Kill The Moonlight

      47. Lines In The Suit Album Girls Can Tell

      48. Who Makes Your Money Album Transference

      49. Take The Fifth Album Girls Can Tell

      50. Let's Go Boom! Album Solarplexus

      51. Leave Your Effects Where They're Easily Seen Album Get Nice! (EP)

      52. 1020 Am Album Girls Can Tell

      53. All The Negatives Have Been Destroyed Album Telephono

      54. Believing Is Art Album Girls Can Tell

      55. The Beast And Dragon, Adored Album Gimme Fiction

      56. Nefarious Album Telephono

      57. Plastic Mylar Album Telephono

      58. Tiny People Album Solarplexus

      59. Something To Look Forward To Album Kill The Moonlight

      60. Small Stakes Album Kill The Moonlight

      61. Claws Tracking Album Telephono

      62. The Government Darling Album Telephono

      63. The Delicate Place Album Gimme Fiction

      64. Winter Album Solarplexus

      65. Got Nuffin Album Transference

      66. Mystery Zone Album Transference

      67. Dismember Album Telephono

      68. Pirate Song Album Solarplexus

      69. Be Still My Servant Album Get Nice! (EP)

      70. Before Destruction Album Transference

      Letra de la Canción


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