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      Public Enemy

      Album: Rebirth of a Nation

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      Public Enemy - Rise Música y Letra

      [Flavor Flav]
      Yeah that's right Chuck man, that's what you gotta do
      You got to tell 'em JUST LIKE THAT, you know what I'm sayin?
      Cause yo, man let me tell you a little somethin man
      All these brothers around here fiendin for that crack-a-lack-a-lack
      You dig what I'm sayin? Yo man, all they wanna do is get what you got
      But when you ain't got nuttin, then they wanna cut you off
      So what you gotta do, you gotta play 'em long distance
      You know what I'm sayin? I mean long distance
      They think we takin shorts, show 'em this is Cold Medina man
      C'mon, kick it!
      [Chuck D]
      Back one more time, here to put the message in a rough rhyme
      It's important that you knowin the time
      Cause I'm seein the program, know what I know and
      until we get together we will never be up for sure
      So I wreck like I'm posessed by Malcolm X
      See the feds want us dead, we too complex
      I always speak the truth, comin from me to you
      We movin as a unit so you KNOW we refuse to lose
      I got my eyes on the lies from Washington
      I'm a survivor, I know how the West was won
      See a show and tell, the way the CoIntel
      undermind the REAL hip-hop so the cops can trail
      But know bad boys move in silence
      Save us all from the pain of a life of violence
      They tappin my phone, full grown and knowin
      And still prone to refute the lies, won't stop until we rise
      [Chorus: Chuck D + various samples]
      Rise up! "C'mon, ah-c'mon"
      Rise... rise up! "One more time"
      We rise... rise up! "C'mon, ah-c'mon"
      Rise... rise up! "To the beat y'all"
      [Chuck D]
      I'm a hard truth soldier to the bone for change
      Demonstrate and seperate the fact from strange
      Blame companies killin our children
      When the villain's on the record never think for a second that's the way we live
      Wanna squeeze on the fleas at MTV
      We quiz knots for the cops at BET
      Seize the time, always rhymin combinin the antidote
      for dope Interscope and fake gangster quotes
      Cause I can recollect times when records set
      Collect a dead brother you mind if you silence it yet
      Rest the program, defeat the beastie
      Cause on the street they do as we influenced by what we see
      And yes it "Weighs a Ton" I say it once again
      That's why the Enemy is down with Paris and KAM
      It's all fam, we collide we live
      Better decide on which side you ride, won't stop until we rise
      [Flavor Flav]
      Y'all don't know, y'all don't know uhh [x4]
      [Chuck D]
      I know the power of fame, ain't never playin no games
      Never croonin is provin, that we ready for change
      Never simpin but they pimpin my people, for the dollars
      So I holla back it keep us from EVIL 'til them devils are collared
      And like I said it's on, I say it once again
      Better know the plan to keep us ignorant
      Brother to brother, ain't no other can smother
      Or erase my case, we marry words with BASS
      Just another wicked rhyme that I'm rappin on
      S1's got my back if the clappin come
      Pass on the work, makin sure the words are known
      Keep 'em nervous, make 'em understand we servin foes
      Keep it goin strong, nevertheless, know the enemy
      And never back down, you can take it to press
      'Less the mic like the art dart told you before
      We for the prize emphasis the fight, now c'mon and rise
      [ad libs of Chorus to fade]

      Public Enemy - Rise Música y Letra


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