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      Electric Indigo

      Electric Indigo

      The Paper Kites

      Album: Twelvefour

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      The Paper Kites - Electric Indigo Música y Letra

      Never meant to cause you trouble with my coloured lies
      But you're holding me with something locked behind your eyes
      And I've been waiting for it all to take control
      You're setting me right
      Cause you've got something that I need
      Something I can't find
      Distance never made me stronger it tore us apart
      And I know I left you questions and a lonely heart
      But you've been waiting long enough to let it go
      I'll do you right
      Cause time is just a remedy
      Covered in disguise
      And all I know
      Is that I want you so
      Heavy on my mind
      And the feeling grows
      When you're dancing slow
      I see your fire go
      Electric indigo
      What's it gonna, what's it gonna take?

      The Paper Kites - Electric Indigo Música y Letra


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