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      Happiness Loves Company

      Happiness Loves Company

      Red Hot Chili Peppers

      Album: I'm With You

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      Red Hot Chili Peppers - Happiness Loves Company Música y Letra

      Start marchin' 
      'Cause you think you shot to #1 
      Counting days and 
      Skipping your stones into the sun 
      Over age and under thumb 
      Does it weigh a ton 
      I'll be yours tonight 
      Living the dream of a meteorite 
      Start jumping 'cause 
      We've got something to say 
      Young lovers keep it pumping 
      In the streets of LA 
      Short stroking doesn't fly 
      Better to go for broke 
      Watchu smoking Mary Jane 
      And does it make you choke 
      Jumping the fence, riding the rails 
      Can you take a joke 
      I'll be yours today 
      Living the dream with a capital K
      Tell me now, I'll tell you how 
      Just show me where to send 
      Make time for love and your happiness 
      The mothers of invention are the best 
      We all know and struggle with some loneliness 
      A tender mess for everyone, I guess 
      Half blinded 
      I'm reminded how to find the stairs 
      Nickel and dimin' 
      Think it's time 
      To play some musical chairs 
      Dirty laundry 
      What a quandary 
      Ask her if she cares 
      I'll be yours and more 
      Better than ever like never before
      Sweet talkin' 
      As I'm walkin' thru your part of town 
      Never again 
      Will Johnny C a Love Supreme be found 
      Is it ever meant to be 
      And is it so profound 
      Is it you and me 
      A billion to one make history

      Red Hot Chili Peppers - Happiness Loves Company Música y Letra



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