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      Movie Star

      Movie Star


      Album: Crystal Ball

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      Prince - Movie Star Música y Letra

      {"Jam Of The Year" plays in BG} 
      Let's see, body oil - check 
      Incense - check 
      Environmental records - double check! 
      I'ma get some serious drawers 2night, think I ain't? 
      Let's see, if I tell Gilbert and 'Rome 2 meet me 11 then I creep at
      That'll give me an hour of free reign 
      Mo' drawers (Mo' drawers) 
      9:30 - gettin' dressed 
      I had a couple sips of wine 
      Boo! - I swear 2 God 
      My suit was hangin' fine 
      Everybody at the club freaked 
      When I stepped from the limousine 
      They said - "Ooh, it's good 2 see ya" 
      I said - "Oh, it's good 2 be seen 
      U know what I mean?" 
      Tell U what's good 
      It's a good thing we live close cuz I almost suffocated in that car 
      Next time I won't wear so much Paco Rabinni or whatever that
      I wonder if they got potato chips up in this... 
      Man, this ain't like them house parties we used 2 go 2 
      That's alright, I'm clean 
      2night, hey, I'm a movie star 
      I see myself on a silver screen, huh 
      2night, it don't matter who U are 
      I'm the only star on the scene 
      U know what I mean? 
      Man, I hate makin' movies 
      But I like that money, think I don't? Hmph 
      Check me out 
      I just walk in, don't even find a seat 
      Just threw my coat right on the floor 
      Grab somebody 4 a quick dance 
      Boy or girl - it don't matter no more, I'm hot! 
      Ha, ha, ha – shit 
      Mix was right 
      Bold, Lord 
      Ouch! Ha, ha 
      Baby, do U wanna, do U wanna get off? 
      2night, I'm a movie star 
      I see myself up on the silver screen 
      2night, it don't matter 
      I'm the star on the scene 
      Mix was right 
      On the 1 the kick drum hit the triple beat 
      Baby, I was poppin' 
      Did one spin, did a second, did the splits 
      Came up, looked around, the joint was hoppin' 
      Hoppin'! The joint was hoppin'! 
      Somebody say "Movie Star!" 
      So check it out, U wanna dance? 
      Are U wearing that Paco Rabbit or whatever U call it?
      Oh wow, that's dog 
      What? Speak up, I can't hear over that suit 
      Maybe U can hear this? 
      Am I supposed 2 be impressed? 
      That's right, Rolls Royce 
      Check it out, baby 
      U wanna dance now? 
      Maybe next song 
      Yeah right, dance floor is not big enough, fat cow 
      Ooh, the mix, it's about the mix 
      Ooh baby, I like that, but the kid gonna show U a few tricks 
      Can I play with U? 
      Baby, let's creep, I had enough of this action 
      Bartender, on the house 
      Give everybody in here somethin' 
      Man, I don't care 
      I got money 2 spare, U're cute and your music's thumpin' 
      Yo baby, get the check 
      "Yo baby" my behind, I need my money 
      Say Brother Carothers, can I get some credit? 
      No? Much money I done spent in this nasty joint? 
      U need 2 be slapped! 
      Darlin', shall we leave now? 
      Go 2 Hades, boy! 
      So U like my crib? 
      It's not mine, it's rented 
      Say, how much did U have 2 drink? 
      What's the biggest lake U've ever been in? 
      So, do U like environmental records? 
      Crickets chirpin', water rushin' 
      Supposed 2 make U horny 
      It just make me wanna go 2 the bathroom 
      Actually this one's not bad, check it out 
      So like, what's your name? 
      Oh wow, that's dog!

      Prince - Movie Star Música y Letra



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