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      The Bucket

      The Bucket

      Kings Of Leon

      Album: Aha Shake Heartbreak

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      Kings Of Leon - The Bucket Música y Letra

      I'll be the one to show you the way
      You'll be the one to always complain
      3 in the morning come a bang bang bang
      All out of fags and I just can't wait
      Cancel the thing that I said I'd do
      I don't feel comfortable talking to you
      Unless you got the zipper fixed on my shoe,
      Then I'll be in the lobby drinking for two
      18, balding, star, golden, fallen, heart
      Look at the shaky's whats with the blush
      Fresh off the plane in my fuzzy rush
      Everyones gathered to idolize me,
      I hate the way you talk your Japanese scream
      It's been too long since I left the shed,
      You kick the bucket and I'll swing my legs
      Always remember the pact that we made,
      Too young to die but old is the grave
      I'm a gonna show the way

      Kings Of Leon - The Bucket Música y Letra




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