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      Snail (feat. Chloe Moriondo)

      Snail (feat. Chloe Moriondo)


      Album: Sleepyhead

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      Cavetown - Snail (feat. Chloe Moriondo) Música y Letra

      [Intro: Cavetown with Chloe Moriondo]
      I was just born like this
      Wish that I could change it
      Four peculiar limbs and a head that doesn't fit
      Wish that I was still a kid
      I was just born like this
      Doctors knew before I did
      There's another snail living with me in my shell
      It's fair to say I don't like it
      [Verse 1: Cavetown with Chloe Moriondo]
      I'm hanging out with the bullets in my mouth
      And when you look away I'll spit them out
      I'm hanging out with the foxes and the hounds
      And when I fit in I'll break back out
      [Verse 2: Cavetown & Chloe Moriondo]
      Really hope you've found something
      Honestly I've had enough of looking at a dead man
      [Bridge: Cavetown & Chloe Moriondo]
      I just wanna scrape my knees
      Cry until my mommy sees
      Popsicle to make a mess
      All over my Sunday best
      Learn everything
      For the first time again
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      [Outro: Cavetown]
      I just wanna be a kid
      I just wanna be a kid
      But I don't wanna be a kid who was born like this

      Cavetown - Snail (feat. Chloe Moriondo) Música y Letra



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