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      Pyjama Pants

      Pyjama Pants


      Album: Sleepyhead

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      Cavetown - Pyjama Pants Música y Letra

      Verse 1]
      Don't come 'round tonight
      Don't want you to see me cry
      'Cause my face is red and ugly
      I'm afraid that you won't love me
      [Verse 2]
      He comes 'round anyway
      Holds my face says, "It's okay"
      "I brought movies and a disc drive
      I'll hold your hand at midnight"
      Flicker on the screen
      You sit close to me
      I can finally breathe
      And you rest your hand
      On my pyjama pants
      Feel my heart beat fast
      [Verse 3]
      Can we call today?
      I just need to see your face
      'Cause it melts me to a puddle
      Trip on air and sprain my ankle
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      [Verse 4]
      He's a lavender bouquet
      Spray it on my pillowcase
      Make me warmer in the summer
      Like the pigment in your fingers
      Let's go brush our teeth
      Stand here next to me
      Get them squeaky clean
      And you rest your head
      On my upper chest
      Hear my heart beat fast
      Wanna make you feel
      Gentler than silk
      Stronger than steel
      Show them how to be calm
      Wrap him 'round my arm
      Remind each other what's a lie and what is real
      What if we held hands
      In our pyjama pants?
      Let our hearts beat calmly at last

      Cavetown - Pyjama Pants Música y Letra



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