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      You Shave Your Ass!

      You Shave Your Ass!

      Blink 182

      Album: The Mark, Tom And Travis Show (The Enema Strikes Back!)

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      Blink 182 - You Shave Your Ass! Música y Letra

      Mark: You shave your ass!
      Tom: You have hair on nothing but your balls!
      Mark has no hair on his whole body,
      but a fucken wolverine growing in his pants, I swear to God.
      It's got teeth and shit.
      Mark: It's true.
      Tom: He's got a scary looking penis.
      Mark: True. I need your tax deductible donations for the
      'Shave Mark Balls Program' please.
      Tom: It's for charity, kids.
      Mark: Send what you can. Donate your time.
      Tom: You guys think that we're touring for own, no,
      this is a charity tour for Mark's balls.
      Mark: We're trying to raise enough money to shave my nuts.
      Please, give generously.
      Tom: There's no metal strong enough to be the teeth
      on any kind of electric shaver.

      Blink 182 - You Shave Your Ass! Música y Letra



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